December 10, 2023
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KSS miniatyr ställdon MoBo
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  • A 5-phase stepping motor is mounted directly onto the end of a KSS ball screw with a diameter of 4 mm, 6 mm, 8mm, or 10 mm, lead of 1 mm, 2 mm, or 4 mm, and a C3 accuracy grade. The KSS-ball screw shaft is ideally constructed to form the motor rotor shaft.
  • Precision positioning mechanisms can be achieved without the need to center the motor and screw shaft, reducing labor.
  • The direct coupling system eliminates the need for a shaft joint, allowing for reduced axial dimensions and minimizing lost motion.
  • This simple yet high-performance positioning unit uses KSS ultra-precision miniature ball screws, and makes full use of ball screw performance by precision manufacturing technology based on precision positioning expertise.
  • A wide range of series and stroke specifications is available, fitted with a range of KSS screw threads starting at an ultra-compact size that fits in the palm of the hand, with 4-mm diameter ball screws, 24-mm external motor dimensions, and a total length of 104 mm.
  • Uses high-performance five-phase stepping motors. Provided with drivers and control equipment.

  • Core products in electrical actuator range are environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, and labor-saving. New block unit devices that perform positioning work “straight out of the box” in a variety of
    fields, such as:

  • Lightweight drive work within limited spaces for all types of positioning and drive units
  • Small-stroke, high-speed positioning, and drive units
  • Ultra-high precision fluid “dose” control mechanisms
  • The Z-axis function on XYZ robots or circuit board soldering robots


Screw shaft outside diameter Lead Stroke Travel per pulse (1) Accuracy grade Axial gap


Motor model Weight
mm mm mm µm N g
4 1 30 2 C3-0 50 TS3664
6 1 75 2 C3-0 100 TS3664
6 2 75 4 C3-0 50 TS3664
8 1 150 2 C3-0 300 TS3667
8 2 150 4 C3-0 150 TS3667
10 2 200 4 C3-0 300 TS3667
10 4 200 8 C3-0 150 TS3667
  • (1) represents the values for full step.
  • These catalog specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • The reference thrust may be lower in some cases, depending on operating conditions.
  • Please inquire for details of specifications and for special specifications.